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Italian International School (IIS) is a premium school following IB curriculum where English is the language of learning and the educational experience is enriched with Italian language & culture. We offer an inspiring, world-class education, which empowers young children to become knowledgeable, ethical leaders, confident risk-takers and responsible contributors to the local and global community.

"Our provision goes beyond the classroom walls and encompasses all aspects of child development by delivering life-changing learning opportunities that empower each student to succeed."

Being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, our goal is to ensure all students who are part of our school achieve their fullest, feel safe, and most importantly, supported at all times.


Inspiring Excellence, Cultivating Leaders for Tomorrow, Empowering Minds, Impacting the World.

At Italian International School, our vision is to become a globally recognized school that inspires excellence, cultivates leaders for tomorrow, and empowers minds, making a lasting impact on the world by fostering holistic education in a safe, inclusive environment, valuing open-mindedness and social responsibility.


Empowering Futures, Embracing Diversity: Our Educational Commitment.

At Italian International School, our mission is to deliver a transformative educational experience that fosters academic excellence, social growth, and personal development. We embrace the principles of the UAE's vision and provide inclusive, diverse learning pathways for multilingual learners in the UAE through the IB frameworks focusing on student wellbeing.


Our commitment is to cultivate eager learners who embody our core values, preparing them to be future leaders and agents of positive change.

Respect: Embrace diverse views, creating an inclusive and harmonious community.
Integrity: Uphold honesty, transparency, and accountability in all actions.
Empowerment: Enable everyone to take charge of their learning and growth.
Collaboration: Work together for innovative solutions through diverse ideas.
Compassion: Cultivate kindness, understanding, and support for each other.
Environmental Stewardship: Inspire care for the planet and environmental responsibility.
Leadership: Nurture leadership qualities, making positive contributions.
Balance: Value academics, personal growth, and overall well-being.

Key Take Aways About IIS

Learning across languages and cultures

At IIS, children are immersed in an environment where different language, ideas, subjects and approaches fluidly interconnect. We promote multilingualism as a way to connect to the world and increase intercultural understanding and international mindedness.

The first school in UAE to have Italian mother tongue and as a second language.

Inclusivity, Diversity and Wellbeing

At IIS, everyone is welcome, valued and supported. As a fully inclusive school, we ensure that students from a variety of cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds have access to an inspiring IB education. We embrace each other’s differences and value the uniqueness of every child. We celebrate diversity as a way to grow personally and collectively as a community. Our staff and families come from diverse backgrounds but at IIS we are all united by our values of inclusivity, respect, honesty, integrity, creativity and sustainability.

Happy, Safe, Respected and Supported

The physical and mental wellbeing and happiness of all our students is our top priority and we are committed to nurturing an environment where children feel happy, safe, respected and supported, and one where they develop self-confidence, self-discipline and resilience.

A holistic education that allows students to discover their passions

We are committed to providing an outstanding all-round education both inside and outside of the classroom. We believe that co-curricular activities broaden horizons and encourage key competencies and skills and build confidence, We encourage all students to participate and discover their passions. Learn more at IIS ECA PROGRAMS

We are affiliated with world class prestigious academies which include Juventus, Abu Dhabi Chess and Mind Games, Marina Sports and many more to come.

21st century facilities

The facilities accross the campus are of iternational standards. All our classrooms are equipped with high-speed connectivity and interactive whiteboards, allowing our teachers to make full use of multimedia resources to enhance their teaching. Our facilities include gymnasiums, various multi-purpose activity rooms, libraries, labs, Play area, indoor swimming pools, football pitch, padle tennis court and many more.

The first school in Abu Dhabi to have a Padel Tennis Court.

Our website provides a brief but informative glimpse of what’s going on for our students behind the scenes. We welcome your visit to our campus to experience what makes IIS special. BOOK YOUR TOUR


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Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971 50 4472 466

Landline: +971 2 208 4100

Email: contact@iischool.ae