With utmost pleasure, we welcome your interest in Italian International Schools for your child's education.

It is our mission to nurture fundamental values and competencies in our students so that they can develop into future leaders by promoting academic excellence. This is accomplished by fostering a love of learning and the promotion of our values of Tolerance, Care, Honesty, Respect, and Integrity.

IIS is very inclusive. However, we may assess your child as part of the admission process to ensure that we can offer your child the best opportunities to academically, emotionally, and socially fulfill their potential.

Our Admissions team will guide you through the process. An overview of the application process is summarised as follows:

Admission Process - 4 Easy Steps to Get Your Child Enrolled

Complete the online Admission Inquiry Form - Visit Form

You will receive a confirmation email from our admission team on successful submission. Once we check the availability of the grades you are looking for, we will send you an email with details to fill out and documents required.

You will be contacted by our admissions team to schedule an assessment for your child, or for a meeting or a school visit within 2 working days. We conduct age appropriate assessments which give us the opportunity for us to get to know your child better.

The admissions team will confirm your child’s acceptance (within a week) - based on availability

Admission Age Criteria

The student’s Grade of entry is based on the current Student Entrance Age criteria in accordance with the current policy as outlined by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates.

Condition of placement
Age Guide
3 years old on or before 31 August
4 years old on or before 31 August
5 years old on or before 31 August
Grade 1
6 years old on or before 31 August
Grade 2
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 3
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 4
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 5
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 6
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 7
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 8
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 9
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 10
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 11
Valid transfer certificate
Grade 12
Valid transfer certificate

Assessment Criteria

As part of the admission process, students entering KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 will be invited to meet with the Head of Primary/Early Years, and where possible, meet teachers in a small group situation. Parents are invited to attend with their child as well. For Grade 2 and Grade 3, entrance exam is based on verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills assessments and a reading, writing, and computation task, as part of the admission process. In Grades 4-8, students complete an online verbal and non-verbal reasoning and quantitative skills assessment. Applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds may be required to carry out a supplementary assessment in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students with additional learning needs may be required to undertake a specific assessment as determined by the Head of Inclusion.

Students may be asked to return for a re-assessment if they are upset at the initial assessment, if they are sick at the initial assessment, or if there is an unexplained mismatch in the student’s school reports and assessment results. In all cases, the reasons for a re-assessment will be recorded on the Admissions Data Sheet, approved, and signed by the Admissions Manager/ Principal as part of the re-assessment and admission process.

Transfer Certificate

The Transfer Certificate (TC) is a document required by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge Authority (ADEK) to register a student in any school in Abu Dhabi. The form should be completed on your child’s current school’s letterhead and signed and stamped by the school. This is done close to the withdrawal date to reflect your child’s last day of school.

Note: Depending on the school’s location (not curriculum), the TC needs the following attestation:
  • United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand: only the stamp and signature of the school
  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: stamp and signature of the school and Ministry of Education of the GCC country
  • All other countries: stamp and signature of the school, the country’s Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Embassy in that country

Student of Determination and Extra Learning Provision.

IIS has limited facilities for the disabled and will comply with the legal requirements of the UAE by making reasonable decisions in order to accommodate the needs of applicants who have disabilities for which, with reasonable adjustments, the school can cater adequately. The school needs to be aware of any known disability or special educational need which may affect a student’s ability to take full advantage of the education provided at the Italian International School. Furthermore, applicants should disclose any disability or learning need at the time of making an application and provide any medical or educational reports for prior consideration.

After that, these will be immediately passed to the Head of Inclusion for review before inviting the parents of applicants for a consultation to discuss how the student’s individual needs can be best met. Then, when a particular learning need becomes apparent after registration, the school will consult parents about reasonable adjustments that may enable the student to successfully continue their education.


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