IIS aims to provide a safe, high quality, and efficient bus service that meets the needs of all IIS students by delivering quality of service to and from school.

Italian International School has partnered with an established bus transportation company to ensure the safety of our children. All buses meet the safety requirements of the Department of Transport. Furthermore, as part of our school’s commitment to safeguarding our students, we provide campus transportation with a twist; a supervision program that covers students from the time they leave home until they arrive at school and vice versa.

  • IIS School buses are compliant as per ADEK and DMAT guidelines and regulations, including the length of time students are riding buses. The assignment of Bus/Transportation (Bus #) will be determined by the route that corresponds with the student’s home.

  • All school buses will be checked and maintained as per ADEK and DMAT safety standards. Drivers and Bus Escorts are qualified, licensed from DMAT, experienced, and work under the supervision of the ICS Transportation Coordinator.


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