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The IIS offers international curriculum, Italian curriculum, primary curriculum, secondary curriculum, social studies curriculum, arabic and Islamic curriculum.

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Italian International School Abu Dhabi is a candidate school for the PYP.

This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School and it offers IB Curriculum. Furthermore, IB World Schools share a common philosophy which is commitment to high-quality, challenging, and international education that we strongly believe is important to our students.

IIS adopts the International Baccalaureate Curriculum with an Italian Enrichment. That being said, all of the core subjects are taught in English and students will also have the chance to take Arabic and Italian lessons. Moreover, the school offers the Italian Curriculum to facilitate the choice; parents get to choose the appropriate curriculum for their little ones.

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The Italian Department is a pivotal department of the Italian International School of Abu Dhabi that combines the principles of the Italian Ministry of Education curriculum with the IB curriculum guidelines.

The department aims at tailoring its teaching strategy to the needs of every student in the school whether they are native speakers or learners of Italian as a second language. Following the IB principles, learning a language in school is not a separate discipline isolated from all other learning. 

The Italian Department offers two language programs which can be grouped under the name Language A and Language B throughout the whole course of study from KG1 to the Diploma years. (KG1 to Grade 12) Language A The Language A program is offered from the KG stage to the Diploma years for all students whose mother tongue is Italian. In accordance with the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Education, interactive texts currently in use in Italian schools are used in this program, with the support of materials created specifically to meet the needs of bilingual students.

The learning of the grammatical structures of the language takes place through being able to read, write and speak the language in its live and contemporary use just as students would do in Italy. As set out by the IB curriculum, the Language A program allows the students to graduate in the Italian Language by choosing Italian as a studied subject in the DP program either at a High or Standard Level. 

Non-native speakers who have developed an excellent level of Italian during the course of study of Italian as a Language B may also participate in the Language A Diploma Programme. Language B The study of Language B is understood as the study of a second language other than the mother tongue. All students from KG1 onwards are eligible for this program. For the DP (Diploma) years (grade 11 grade 12), the study of Language B is divided into these subgroups: - Language ab initio. These courses are for beginners (that is, students who have little or no previous experience in learning the language they have chosen).

These courses are only available at the standard level. - Language B courses are intended for students who have had some previous experience in learning the language. They may be studied at either a higher level or standard level. The Italian Department will work closely with the Arabic and the English Department to ensure the development of the student's multilingualism.

The language will live in our school, whether or not it is via a lesson, activity, or celebration to honor the cultures of our host country, the UAE, or Italy. Furthermore, classroom activities will always be linked to those carried out in the other departments. Students will be exposed to learning the language throughout all subjects studied. An essential vocabulary will be known in all the three school official languages, English, Arabic, and Italian, thanks to a close collaboration with classroom teachers.

As the first stage of the educational path, Italian International School focuses on the emotional, psychomotor, cognitive, and moral development of children. Our teachers are committed to providing a caring, safe, and nurturing environment through a sophisticated play-based for the KG1 curriculum and KG2 curriculum. In addition to that, IIS’s facilities are designed to help children explore and learn in a purposeful and playful manner. Our kindergarten curriculum is taught in classrooms and our indoor and outdoor play areas offer a wide variety of enriching and play-based engagements. Our students are constantly being encouraged to manipulate the environment around them to make sense of the world. Furthermore, we incorporate the following learning paths: a) the Self and the Other, b) Body and Movement, c) Images, Sounds, and Colors, d) Speeches and Words, and e) Awareness of the World to help children acquire confidence and the important skills they need to start with the international primary curriculum and the international secondary curriculum later on.

At IIS, we offer our students the opportunity to develop cognitive, emotional, affective, social, bodily, ethical, and religious dimensions. These are indeed essential in acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills for the development of the reflective and critical thinking which are necessary to become aware and responsible individuals. Moreover, our dedicated Class Teachers cover the core subjects in the primary curriculum such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies Curriculum, and Italian Language as an addition. Plus, an inquiry-based approach is being implemented to deepen the students’ understanding of the world around them and attain independence. Also, they incorporate cross-curricular objectives in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each student to identify any gaps in their knowledge.

The secondary curriculum at Italian International School consists of middle school curriculum and high school curriculum. Our staff is committed to providing a thorough and comprehensive transition program for all students moving from primary school to secondary school. In preparation for the International Baccalaureate Curriculum and diploma, our main focus is on helping students develop a stronger sense of self which entails taking initiatives and expressing ideas, as well as understanding their responsibility, which means being well-aware of the impact of their actions on others. Furthermore, our MYP curriculum encourages students to make sense of their knowledge acquired through traditional subjects in the real world. Also, our holistic approach inspires them to advance their skills and knowledge, preparing them for life beyond Year 11.

In accordance with the UAE requirements, Italian International School has included 3 compulsory subjects in the curriculum; Arabic Curriculum, Islamic Curriculum, and Social Studies Curriculum. Hence, we offer Arabic classes for both our native and international students. The Islamic Studies and Social Studies are being taught as well. Moreover, our school believes that this is indeed a great opportunity for both our native and international students to learn more about the language and culture of the UAE as citizens of a culturally diverse society.

Italian International School places great importance on students’ physical health. That is why our physical education curriculum includes a wide range of sports training academies for children and adults of all levels. That being said, our students have access to the best sporting facilities including a 957 m2 gymnasium and swimming pool coupled with highly trained sport coaches for various athletics and activity programs. We do believe that these are key when it comes to enhancing not only the physical but also the intellectual and social development of students.

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