Where can I buy the School Uniform?

The school uniform has an important role in forming the identity of our school. It helps build a sense of belonging and togetherness within the student body and promotes pride and self-confidence, contributing to students' well-being. Children of all grades are required to wear school uniforms every day.  WHERE TO BUY: Zaks Store, which can be found on the Second Floor of Al Raha Mall, Abu Dhabi Zaks On-line Store

What are the school timings?

Gates open at 7.:00 AM

Assembly 8:00 AM

Lessons start at 8:15 AM

  • KG1&2, 1:00 PM Monday to Thursday & 12:00 PM Friday
  • G1 to Grade 5, 3:00 PM Monday to Thursday, 12:00 PM Friday

ECAs (optional) 3:15 to 4:15 PM

Can a school expel or suspend a student for non-payment of fees during the school year? Or what steps should be taken for non-payment of tuition fees?

3 warning letters will be sent to the parent. Children will not be re-enrolled in school if an outstanding balance is on their account.

What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

Please inform the class teacher immedietly, you may also contact the school principal or Ms. Walaa Nasredin (School Counsellor) at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What are the school fees?

Check the school fees from here.

Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at school?

Birthdays and special events are recognized in the classrooms by classroom teachers in various ways. Due to the loss of instructional time, it is not possible to have individual celebrations for each child’s birthday at school. All parties, cakes, and special celebrations for individual birthdays must take place outside of the school day. Please do not ask the classroom teachers to pass out party invitations when all students are not invited. Those invitations must be distributed outside of school. Please do not bring food items to school to be passed out to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Am I allowed to make videos or photos of my child during school hours?

Sorry, it is not allowed to take pictures/videos of other children without their parent’s permission.

What is the earliest time I can drop my child to school?

From 7:45 AM onwards, the supervision of students is provided by IIS staff.

What are the meal times? Are there Cafeteria Facilities?

Snacks and lunch are scheduled daily for each class. Please refer to the class schedule for the timings. Yes, we have cafeteria facilities.

Which curriculum are you following?

The school follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum PYP for grades KG1- 5. To learn more - click here

Can my child with special educational needs attend/ join the school?

Yes. Our school is fully inclusive. We assess every child that enters our school and program for their needs accordingly. Sometimes, a shadow teacher is required to support a student’s learning needs.

Does your school provide a bus service? What are the fees for it?

Yes, we provide the bus service. The fees are to be determined by ADEK. Italian International School provides a safe, fully accredited, and reliable bus service with multiple routes across the city. Transport drivers and supervisors undergo rigorous training on road safety and safe driving practices in line with the transport regulators. For further information, please contact the school transportation department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is the latest time we can pick up our child from school?

Students should be collected from school at dismissal times: 1:15 PM or 3:15 PM, respectively.

Late arrivals. What does the parent should do, or who should be contacted?

If your child is late to school, please check in at reception when they arrive at school so that the attendance of your child can be registered.

If my child gets sick, will I be informed? Or, In case of sickness or any accident happening during school, will I be informed?

If your child becomes ill at school, they will see the school nurse. You will be called to collect your child from school if the child has a fever. In case of an accident at school, you will be notified immediately.

Is my child allowed to bring his/her toys to school?

We encourage children to leave their toys at home unless a special activity at school warrants something specific to be brought to school.

When are the Payment Due Dates?

  1. Term 1 Due – 01/09/2022 (4 Months)
  2. Term 2 Due – 01/12/2022 (4 Months)
  3. Term 3 Due – 01/03/2023 (2 Months)

What are the different Mode Of Payment [Payment Options]?

  1. Bank Transfer to FAB bank (Details Attached)
  2. Credit card payment at the school Account’s counter
  3. Cash payment at the school Account’s counter
  4. Cheque payment at the school Account’s counter

What are the school's Bank Account Details?

Account Number: 4031005609765001
IBAN: AE410354031005609765001
Bank Name: First Abu Dhabi Bank


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