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About the International Italian School in Abu Dhabi

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What makes us one of the exceptional Abu Dhabi schools ?

Our school employs a holistic approach to all learning and sheds a light on the importance of character building for all children in our care.

Being on the list of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, we find it mandatory to place the wellbeing of our students and staff as top priorities.

And in case you were wondering what we mean by a world-class curriculum, We’ll tell you more:

IIS offers an additional world-class curriculum with full authorization for all grades. Moreover, Abu Dhabi schools have always been the top schools in the region.

That being said, our holistic approach to learning within the IIS strongly emphasizes the concept of assisting in building balanced individuals, believing firmly that all children are unique.

Being part of the international schools UAE, we offer our students Italian enrichment, arts, sports, personal health, and creativity – all using the latest technologies. Being on the list of the top Abu Dhabi schools is rewarding!

As one of the top-notch Abu Dhabi schools, We recruit the very best teachers

We recruit the very best teachers who subscribe to these same aspirations of the IIS. Therefore, as one of the new international schools Abu Dhabi, we are only attracting staff that believes in the same principles of knowledge and the understanding that educating children is undoubtedly the most important job that anyone could undertake.

Also, we do believe that Abu Dhabi schools are exceptional and we also believe that understanding is the key to knowledge, leading to good academic results. As such, students are always encouraged to be critical learners.

Furthermore, we believe that teachers need to be continually trained in the latest educational pedagogy and the latest methodologies; this is something top Abu Dhabi schools always ensure and never compromise.

Not to mention that we know what schools UAE look like, and we aim at raising the bar a little higher.

Last but not least, we use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) extensively.

All our classrooms are equipped with high-speed connectivity and interactive whiteboards, allowing our teachers to make full use of multimedia resources to enhance their teaching.

We are one of Abu Dhabi schools that will start from a solid base and only improve day by day working closely with parents in the exciting journey that lies ahead.

A school where information and communication technologies are an integral part of the curriculum. And finally, if you would like to find out any further information about one of the prestigious Abu Dhabi schools please send an email to info@italianinternationalschool.ae

Moving steadily towards your CHILD’S FUTURE.
Step by step, Because nothing has ever been built Overnight!

Being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, our goal is to ensure all students who are part of our school achieve their fullest, feel safe, and most importantly, supported at all times.

Aiming at fulfilling our purpose, we have been developing over the years to become one of the schools in UAE that anchors teaching and learning around a world-class curriculum.

Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that being one of the best schools in UAE is quite a responsibility.
That is why we offer students access to a second world-class curriculum.

Thus, what makes us among the top schools in Khalifa City is the fact that all students who attend the school are required to study Italian as an additional language other than English. Italian is the language of instruction, excluding the mandatory Arabic language, a UAE requirement. Abu Dhabi schools; always on top!

OUR VISION aligns with shifts in the global economy, society, and environment, which animates OUR MISSION and our values:

Student's Learning

Learning at different rates and in various ways.

One Step Closer to Success

Achieving success by being active participants.

Developing Character

Engaging with others from different backgrounds.

OUR MISSION is Achieved by:

Dreaming Big

Setting high expectations for ourselves and our students.

Empowering Students

Empowering Students to be critical thinkers.

New Ways

Understanding and utilizing innovative teaching and learning.

Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment for our students.

Promoting Growth

Facilitating students’ intellectual, social, and physical growth.

Engaging Students

Engaging students in reflective learning.

Encouraging Students

Encouraging students to explore all forms of personal expression.

Supporting Students

Promoting empathy, respect, and tolerance.

Developing Awareness

Developing awareness and communication skills.

Involving Students

Involving students in local and international projects.

Preparing Students

Preparing students to be life-long learners.

Being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, our goal is to ensure all students who are part of our school achieve their fullest, feel safe, and most importantly, supported at all times.

Aiming at fulfilling our purpose, we have been developing over the years to become one of the schools in UAE that anchors teaching and learning around a world-class curriculum.

Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that being one of the best schools in UAE is quite a responsibility.

That is why we offer students access to a second world-class curriculum.

Focus on Nutrition for Optimal Learning

Famous Football Academy, Chess Academy and Padel Courts

Multilingual Learning including Italian

Culinary School and Swimming Lessons with Diving

Competitive Tuition Fees

World Class Educators

FACT: Schools Abu Dhabi: a very good example to set!

The governance structure of Abu Dhabi schools, notably the IIS also includes owners, representatives of stakeholder communities such as parents, staff, and students, and the wider community.

They are expected to function in good faith and with due regard to the purposes of the school.
That being said!

The responsibilities of the Board of Governors include, but are not limited to the following:


Ensuring that the school’s conduct and operation adhere to the Council’s regulations, policies, and requirements.


Ensuring accountability for the school’s approved plans and policies, in addition to overseeing the implementations in accordance to its mission and values.


Identifying, supervising, and approving the school’s financial needs and operating budgets, as it is one of the top Abu Dhabi schools.


Ensuring that the school meets its commitment to parents and community and fulfills its duties as one of the international Abu Dhabi schools.


Evaluating achievement and personal development of all students and staff and implementing action plans when needed.

THE BEST teachers
THE BEST curriculum to provide to
THE BEST students

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International schools are usually known for their qualified and skilled teachers. However, at IIS, our entire staff is qualified. They are all skilled, they know how to deal with kids, and they are psychology-driven individuals as they always have the child’s best interest in mind.

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Certified, Experienced, but Always on a journey of Learning

Teachers and everyone who is employed at IIS are asked to prove their education by presenting their certifications. That being said, all teachers have the required certifications and they are all experienced which means that they have been applying what they have learned for a long time.

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International schools care so much about communication. That is why the IIS family is based on teachers and staff who have excellent communication skills. Not to mention that this is also taught at our school. We give what we have and we give all we have!

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One of the most important qualifications we take into consideration is empathy and sympathy. Luckily, that is what all of our teachers and staff have. With children, it is all about empathizing and making them feel valued, appreciated, and loved.

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Patience: The key to success

Working with children is not a walk in the park, as it takes patience. Furthermore, teachers and staff must be able to adapt and count to ten before making any decision. This is indeed another feature our teachers and staff have and it is one of the fundamental qualifications.

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Because to listen is to understand, to thrive, to get there..
Our teachers and staff have great listening skills and they never undervalue what they are being told: full focus and full attention, as this is crucial to children. At IIS, we tend to be one step ahead of the other international schools. That is why listening is very important to us.

Aref Al Khoori

Founder, CEO

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Dear Pupils, Parents & members of the community,

it is my privilege to welcome you as the Chairman of the Italian International School located in Abu Dhabi.

At IIS, first and foremost, we seek to create a stimulating, safe and respectful environment for our students.

Our school embraces the “whole child” supporting their individual differences and learning styles, while encouraging each child into engaging interaction and meaningful learning. We aspire to inspire young minds to seek knowledge, explore, question, and engage in challenging but rewarding experiences that broaden their horizon.

We seek to provide a creative environment coupled with a bilingual curriculum that sets a solid foundation

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for critical life skills, social skills and a healthy lifestyle, starting with our youngest learners. Our staff is comprised of exceptional international educators working together for the benefit of our children and families. I encourage you to take some time – explore our website and read more about our history, our philosophy, our programs and our community. I hope that once you do, you will feel, as I do, that IIS sees each student as a unique individual with great potential. Regards, Aref Al Khoori.

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Good day and welcome to the Italian International School of Abu Dhabi.

My name is Janet DesJardins and I am the Founding Principal of the school. I am delighted to join and help celebrate Italian culture together with our community. My experience with Italy and all things Italian started at a very young age. I grew up in a small city in Northern Ontario, in Canada where over ½ of the city’s population was inhabited by Italian immigrants. Needless to say, I grew up enjoying the best pizza and pasta to be rivaled around the world. Many of my friends were Italian and we frequented local shops and restaurants that were also Italian. I have actually turned out to be a relatively good cook of Italian food. As an adult, I have had the great fortune to travel to Italy many times, and my daughter actually lived and taught in Bergamo, Italy for a short time. There are so many incredible things about Italian culture, and I am quite thrilled to be a part of this amazing project; to open the Italian International School of Abu Dhabi. Regarding my career in education, I worked nationally in Canada for 15 years as a teacher and

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Special Education Coordinator, and have been abroad for 16 years. Most of my time abroad has been in senior leadership roles and has brought me to 7 different countries. Each has had its own treasures about it, they have all been amazing in their own way! I have been in the UAE since 2017, and love the people, the quality of life and most of all, the sunshine. There are so many things that are special about the UAE. I feel at home here to explore my passions including learning, volunteering in the community, nutrition and wellbeing. In addition to being a school leader, I am a Certified International Health Coach helping people live their best lives through education and learning about nutrition. One of the most important things we can do for our community is serve and help them achieve success in their lives. The Italian International School aims to do just that, to help the children in our school community become the best version of themselves, while they learn and experience wonderful Italian traditions. We welcome everyone to join in and help us to celebrate this amazing culture. Like, subscribe or share to always keep up to date with the exciting happenings in our school!

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Jannet Des Jardins



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Amani Al Ghandour
Head of Arabic Department
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Frosoulla Anastasiades
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Iman Hassan
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Navarone Abraham
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Helen Amuthan
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Gawie Botha
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Adam Ssenyondo
Copy Assistant
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Melanie Thompson
ELL Coordinator
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Ignazia Pili
Head of Marketing and Communications
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Janet DesJardins
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Discover the traits that make our school amazing!

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KG1 and KG2- 8:00-1:00 pm Monday to Thursday, Fridays 8:00-11:30 am
Grades 1-5- Monday to Thursday 8:00 am -3:00 pm, Fridays 8:00-12:30 pm

3 warning letters will be sent to the parent. Children will not be re enrolled in school if there is an outstanding balance on their account.

The teacher and the social worker should be informed so that appropriate action can be taken.

Check the school fees from here.

Birthdays and special events are recognized in the classrooms, by classroom teachers in a variety of ways. Due to loss of instructional time, it is not possible to have individual celebrations for each child’s birthday at school. All parties, cakes and special celebrations for individual birthdays must take place outside of the school day. Please do not ask the classroom teachers to pass out party invitations when all students are not invited. Those invitations must be distributed outside of school. Please do not bring food items to school to be passed out in celebration of your child’s birthday.

Sorry, it is not allowed taking pictures / videos of other children without their parent’s permission.

From 7:45AM onwards, there is supervision of students provided by IIS staff.

Parents should meet the receptionist to check teachers/staff availability.

Snack and lunch are scheduled daily for each class. Please refer to the class schedule for the timings.

Yes, we have cafeteria facilities.

The school is following the International Baccalaureate curriculum PYP for grades KG1- Grade 5.

Yes. Our school is fully inclusive. We assess every child that enters our school and program for their needs accordingly. In some instances, a shadow teacher is required to support a student’s learning needs.

Yes, parents are encouraged to participate in dialogue regarding their child’s learning journey.

Yes, we provide the bus service. The fees are to be determined by ADEK.

The school is formed of many different nationalities.

Yes, all the parents will be provided by the bus contact name and number.

Please see our website for further details.

A variety of extra-curricular activities are provided after school. The activity listing is sent home termly for students to select their activity of choice.

Students should be collected from school at dismissal times: 1:15 PM or 3:15 PM respectively.

If your child will be late to school, please check in at reception when they arrive at school so that the attendance of your child can be registered.

The most important thing parents can do daily with their child is to read, in Arabic, Italian and in English.

Yes, the school is a nut free zone.

If your child becomes ill at school, they will see the school nurse. If the child has a fever, you will be called to collect your child from school. In case of accident at school, you will be notified immediately.

We encourage children to leave their toys at home unless a special activity at school warrants something specific to be brought to school.

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